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My Archive is the place to create your own poetry lessons, using resources in the Poetry Archive and elsewhere on the internet. My Archive gives you an easy way to put together audio recordings, text and visuals to create exciting and stimulating lessons.

Once you have chosen the poems and poets you want to use in your lesson, you can save them in a list using the “Add to My Archive” button. You can annotate your list by typing in your own comments, questions and prompts for students. You can also add links to pages on other websites, if you like. In the classroom, simply login to My Archive, go to your list and click on the links to teach your lesson.

You can share your lesson plans with friends and colleagues by emailing them a link to any of your lists. We would also very much like to see the lesson plans you’ve created so do please consider emailing them to us too at

Create anthologies

Using My Archive, students can put together their own personal anthologies of poems and poets. They can add their own commentary, and put in links to other sources of information which they have found in the course of their research.

Just for pleasure

You and your students can also enjoy using My Archive to save lists of your own favourite poems and poets, and to share these with friends and colleagues.

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