As the recipient of public funds, the Poetry Archive is committed to the accessibility of all its material to all citizens, regardless of disability in compliance with the 1995 Disability Discrimination Act as amended in 2005 and the Special Education Needs and Disability Act 2001.

All the metadata on this site complies with the Web Accessibility Initiative (WAI) Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Version 1.0 at compliance level A but we will raise this to AA in the course of our next upgrade.

All the archive material is presented in audio, supported by textual extracts which, to protect our publishers’ copyright, are published in Macromedia Flash format. To accommodate those with low vision, the extracts are presented in print sizes from 8-16 point.

Full references to archive audio material are supplied so that those who are deaf and visually impaired can access the material in full and we are planning to publish the extracts in Braille for those who are blind and deaf blind.

The Poetry Archive will regularly review and upgrade this site to include more and better accessibility features and we welcome all comments from users. These should be sent by email to