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The Job of Paradise - Roger Robinson
Freddy’s Revenge - Richard Osmond
Explanation For Those Who Don’t Know Love - Holly Hopkins
It’s Chinatown - Flora de Falbe

W. H. Davies

B. 1871 D. 1940

1 poem available

And I could see that child's one eye which seemed to laugh, and say with glee: 'what caused my death you'll never know, perhaps my mother murdered me.' - W.H. Davies - 'The Inquest'


Hannah More

B. 1745 D. 1833

1 poem available

That self-same stuff which erst proud empires swayed, of which the conquerers of the world were made. - Hannah More 'Slavery: A Poem'


Alexander Pope

B. 1688 D. 1744

3 poems available

And die of nothing but a rage to live


7 poems available

Poetry matters because it is a tool for helping us to discover who we are. As individuals, as Caribbean peoples, as citizens of the world. Olive Senior


4 poems available

How you became a poet's a mystery! / Where did you get your talent from? / I say: I had two uncles, Joe and Harry - / one was a stammerer, the other dumb.- 'Heredity', Tony Harrison


Thom Gunn

B. 1929 D. 2004

2 poems available

It is not so difficult to kindle the poetic fire in the first place as to keep it going, hot and bright, through a whole lifetime. - Thom Gunn


Roald Dahl

B. 1916 D. 1990

1 poem available

A little nonsense, now and then, is relished by the wisest men. - 'Charlie & the Chocolate Factory', Roald Dahl


5 poems available

I would say that the poem exists in a space somewhere between the reader and the author, and in a sense belongs to neither, and both. - Don Paterson