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6 poems available

'this spiral / of making while unmaking while / the world goes round' -- Mary Jo Salter, 'Young Girl Peeling Apples'


Thomas Wyatt

B. 1503 D. 1542

4 poems available

It was no dream: I lay broad waking. Thomas Wyatt 'They Flee From Me'


Geoff Page

B. 1940

6 poems available

I'd feel the need for / tighter turns, / a tiredness with the / larger flourish - from 'I think I could turn awhile'


Hayden Carruth

B. 1921 D. 2008

3 poems available

My poems, I think, exist in a state of tension between the love of natural beauty and the fear of natural meaninglessness or absurdity. Hayden Carruth

The Mighty Dead
On The Death of Dr Robert Levet - Samuel Johnson - Read by Daljit Nagra
The Mighty Dead

The Tyger

Read by Mimi Khalvati
The Tyger - William Blake - Read by Mimi Khalvati