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Celebratory, mournful, critical and tender - Poetry London


Thomas Wyatt

B. 1503 D. 1542

4 poems available

It was no dream: I lay broad waking. Thomas Wyatt 'They Flee From Me'


1 poem available

I want that next poem. To get it I'll shed my skin, I'll lose my name, pretend I have no history, be history's fool, become elemental, all of these, none of these. - Fred D'Aguiar

The Mighty Dead

Beppo (extract)

Read by Fleur Adcock
Beppo (extract) - Lord Byron - Read by Fleur Adcock
The Mighty Dead

Don Juan (extract)

Read by Fleur Adcock
Don Juan (extract) - Lord Byron - Read by Fleur Adcock