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7 poems available

She has the comic's knack of placing a lot of weight on thin-shouldered words, words blurred by common currency which are suddenly brought into sharp focus and don't really want to be. Beyond the laughs there's great poignancy - Observer


Robert Bridges

B. 1844 D. 1930

1 poem available

When men were all asleep the snow came flying, in large white flakes falling on the city brown. - Robert Bridges 'London Snow'


Helen Mort

B. 1985

4 poems available

I'm drawn to what you might think of as traditional lyric poetry; it's an enduring, effective, powerful means of expression.


Emily Dickinson

B. 1830 D. 1886

5 poems available

To see the Summer Sky / Is Poetry, though never in a Book it lie? / True Poems flee?


John Montague

B. 1929 D. 2016

5 poems available

some pure thing, / Some living source, half-imagined and half-real, / Pulses in the fictive water that I feel. - John Montague, 'The Water Carrier'


5 poems available

I suppose what I really like is to set up a system which looks wonderfully secure when you first encounter it on the page, but within the framework there are crazy things which tip the reader off-balance. - Bill Manhire


Robert Lowell

B. 1917 D. 1977

2 poems available

If we see light at the end of the tunnel / It's the light of the oncoming train. - Robert Lowell


William Butler Yeats

B. 1865 D. 1939

8 poems available

For everything that's lovely is / But a brief, dreamy, kind delight. 'Never Give All the Heart', W. B. Yeats


Felix Dennis

B. 1947 D. 2014

21 poems available

If it's a good idea, go ahead and do it. It's much easier to apologise than it is to get permission. - Rear Admiral Grace Murray Hopper

The Mighty Dead


Read by John Fuller

Man - Henry Vaughan - Read by John Fuller
The Mighty Dead

London Snow

Read by Jacob Sam-La Rose

London Snow - Robert Bridges - Read by Jacob Sam-La Rose
Miss Heath - Helen Mort