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6 poems available

“I want these poems to help people to practise empathy”


Jean Sprackland talks about her inspiration and process for writing poetry.

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“I had the great joy of being part of the creative team for the Opening Ceremony of the 2012 Olympics – a multi-media extravaganza that was streamed, tweeted, favourited and blogged about across the planet. For all its noise and…

Special Collection

Poets have always written poems about love. We have put together a collection of recordings of some of the best classic love poems, introduced and read for you by today’s poets. From Elizabeth Barrett Browning asking “How do I love thee?” to Lord Byron declaring…


5 poems available

Strands of autobiography, a deeply sensuous ecology of place, historical narratives; the inner world of imagination and the often difficult realities of the postcolonial nation are interwoven in McWatt's bold but carefully worked out architecture. Peepal Tree


Helen Mort

B. 1985

4 poems available

I'm drawn to what you might think of as traditional lyric poetry; it's an enduring, effective, powerful means of expression.


6 poems available

Not only rich music, an easy lyricism, but also grit, and earthy honesty, a willingness to be vulnerable and clean. - Gwendolyn Brooks


7 poems available

Poetry is a way of living...a human activity like baking bread or playing basketball. - Robert Hass


Adrian Henri

B. 1932 D. 2000

2 poems available

If you think you can do it and you want to do it - then do it. - Adrian Henri


Langston Hughes

B. 1902 D. 1967

1 poem available

I, too, sing America. - 'I, Too', Langston Hughes


Charles Causley

B. 1917 D. 2003

6 poems available

If I didn't write poetry I think I'd explode. - Charles Causley

A Sight for Sore Eyes - Allen Curnow