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The Mighty Dead
Oh Mistress Mine - William Shakespeare - Read by Jude Law
The Mighty Dead

Wild Nights

Read by Helen Mirren

Wild Nights - Emily Dickinson - Read by Helen Mirren
The Mighty Dead
The Passionate Shepherd to his Love - Christopher Marlowe - Read by Ian McKellen
The Mighty Dead

She Walks in Beauty

Read by Jude Law

She Walks in Beauty - Lord Byron - Read by Jude Law
Girlfriends - Ella Duffy
Men Who Murder - Flora de Falbe
Special Collection

Foreword by Michael Schmidt, Editor of PN Review The life expectancy of poetry magazines is often a butterfly’s span. Few reach ten issues, fewer still a hundred. To reach 250 issues over five decades is evidence of editorial tenacity and…


3 poems available

Tempest has forged her own voice, unlike anything else in the mainstream poetry world. The Independent


2 poems available

I write because my ink must flow like blood. The written must be spoken. Patience Agbabi


Edward Thomas

B. 1878 D. 1917

7 poems available

The simple lack / Of her is more to me / Than others' presence. Edward Thomas, 'The Unknown'


Laurie Lee

B. 1914 D. 1997

2 poems available

It was a world that I wanted to record because it was such a miracle visitation to me. - Laurie Lee


Ruth Pitter

B. 1897 D. 1992

1 poem available

I have tried to be faithful to delight... - Ruth Pitter