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Antony Rowland (b.1970) is Professor of Literary Studies in English at The University of Salford where he teaches literature and creative writing. His poetry has been published extensively in journals,…

A History of the Beard - Antony Rowland

‘The master of the barber shop practised surgery and could breathe a vein as well as mow a beard’ That’s blood in my window, yes. Forget it. Let me cover…


Singing herb singe roast vapours Fray: Saturday pie-floater in Rawson market; waxy peas island gelatine-coated pink flush before comic stall. Passionate friendship wanted with a Bentos, good sense of meat…

If You Came - Ruth Pitter

…they make one’s flesh creep with this mystery which is as much of the flesh as the spirit I think: “Childe Rowland to the dark tower came” – he felt…