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U A Fanthorpe

B. 1929 D. 2009

3 poems available

The really basic thing as far as I'm concerned is the pens. I have three pens; I keep them in my left hand pocket, and they're always there because if I haven't got a pen I'm really lost... - U. A. Fanthorpe


Charles Tomlinson

B. 1927 D. 2015

6 poems available

A master of his craft... his poems have the finality of form which you find only among the first rate - Donald Hall


RF Langley

B. 1938 D. 2011

2 poems available

A Midsummer Night's Dream might still be the answer to everything. - R. F. Langley

Meadow Brown - Valerie Gillies
The Mighty Dead
Lines Composed a Few Miles above Tintern Abbey, On Revisiting the Banks of the Wye during a Tour. July 13, 1798 - William Wordsworth - Read by Andrew Motion
Aerialist - John McAuliffe
for Paul / coming out of winter - Lee Harwood
The burning - Kelwyn Sole
Seafront - Kelwyn Sole
The Mighty Dead
Tell Me Not Here, It Needs Not Saying - A E Housman - Read by Andrew Motion
The Mighty Dead

My orcha’d In Linden Lea

Read by Andrew Motion

My orcha’d In Linden Lea - William Barnes - Read by Andrew Motion
The Mighty Dead


Read by Alice Oswald

Inversnaid - Gerard Manley Hopkins - Read by Alice Oswald