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Steve - Rachel Long

Did you know there is more than one Simon Armitage? In this interview, the best-selling poet and novelist introduces you to them and talks about the importance of voice in his work.


5 poems available

Not poems of investigation, but poems of indignation ... Marsh finds self-fulfillment in the act of speaking for the Pacific culture and its inhabitants - Poetry Salzburg Review


Helen Mort

B. 1985

4 poems available

I'm drawn to what you might think of as traditional lyric poetry; it's an enduring, effective, powerful means of expression.


2 poems available

Man differs more from man than man from beast.


4 poems available

Syntactically complex, discursive, lyrically rich, yet threaded through with a demotic swagger - Gerard Woodward


Edward Thomas

B. 1878 D. 1917

7 poems available

The simple lack / Of her is more to me / Than others' presence. Edward Thomas, 'The Unknown'


6 poems available

I would have words as tenacious as mules/ to bear us, sure-footed/ up the mountain of night... from 'Elemental' by Edward Baugh