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Valerie Gillies’ poems are of a startling clarity. The precision of thought and image that coalesce in her vivid and occasionally microscopic descriptions might prompt a line of comparison between…

Frog Spring - Valerie Gillies

Surprised by my tasting the spring, a golden frog leaps to the bank. He flies to froggy places, his ankle-joints stretch the moment.   A puddock from his pop-eyes to…

Honeybee, Inner Hebrides - Valerie Gillies

We sail to the Garvellachs with an autumn wind along the string of islands. Heading out over the waves, a honeybee lands on the guardrail of the yacht. Ginger-brown and…

Ravendean Burn - Valerie Gillies

  Just knowing he’s out there is enough. A far-away bird flies with the black clouds.   Then a noise like no other you’ll ever hear: a throat-singer from the…

Wedding in Stobo Kirk - Valerie Gillies

A song thrush calls clear among the hills, with his recurring note the rounded archway fills.   The bride who walks sunwise up the path to the kirk door brings…

Meadow Brown - Valerie Gillies

On sunny days she’s always on the wing dusky brown autumn brown she delights in open ground   She’s agile over hedge and scrub cocoa brown mocha brown she delights…

Cody Dancing - Valerie Gillies

A boy in a sleeveless tee, his pale torso twisted to one side, pushes his metal walker frame ahead of him. He drags crumpled feet across the grassy powwow ground….

Gress o the Forest - Valerie Gillies

The wind gaes reeshlin through the gress Till a wheesht comes at the stillin o the air: Quaeit gies a sough, mair a glisk nor a soond.  …

A Cycle of Poems: Bird for Bird - Valerie Gillies

  Bird for Bird Some Scottish species and their cousins in America   Scotland America Tree-speeler Brown Creeper Spotted Flycatcher Eastern Phoebe Nuthatch White-breasted Nuthatch Corbie American Raven Green Woodpecker…