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Special Collection

Welcome to the T. S. Eliot Prize Winners’ Archive. The premier Prize in poetry, the T. S. Eliot Prize was inaugurated in 1993 and is awarded annually to the best new collection of poetry in English published in the UK…


C. Day Lewis

B. 1904 D. 1972

5 poems available

The greatest lyric poet of the twentieth century. Charles Causley


Patrick Kavanagh

B. 1905 D. 1967

I dabbled in verse and it became my life. - Patrick Kavanagh


William Butler Yeats

B. 1865 D. 1939

8 poems available

For everything that's lovely is / But a brief, dreamy, kind delight. 'Never Give All the Heart', W. B. Yeats


13 poems available

A keeper of the artistic estate, a custodian of griefs and wonders - Seamus Heaney


Seamus Heaney

B. 1939 D. 2013

4 poems available

And here is love / like a tinsmith's scoop / sunk past its gleam / in the meal-bin - 'Mossbawn Sunlight', Seamus Heaney


Louis MacNeice

B. 1907 D. 1963

1 poem available

The writer today should be not so much the mouthpiece of a its conscience, its critical faculty, its generous instinct. - Louis MacNeice


5 poems available

A writer is not interested in explaining reality; he's interested in capturing it. - Brendan Kennelly


Ciaran Carson

B. 1948 D. 2019

4 poems available

What is / My name? Where am I coming from? Where am I going? A fusillade of question marks. - 'Belfast Confetti', Ciaran Carson

Punk with Dulcimer - Anna Crowe
Westering Home - Bernard O’Donoghue
A Candle for Dolly Duggan - Bernard O’Donoghue