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Sujata Bhatt is a poet of many different cultures: in this interview, she talks about her travels and how they've influenced her writing and lets us into the "private and inner world" of making poems.


John Whitworth

B. 1945 D. 2019

4 poems available

The rhymes and the rhythms are my wet paint - John Whitworth


6 poems available

We belong to the houses we live in. ('Hoopoe')


John Moat

B. 1936 D. 2014

5 poems available

There are few contemporary poets whose work breathes so broadly and generously. - Adam Thorpe


Rudyard Kipling

B. 1865 D. 1936

2 poems available

Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind. - Rudyard Kipling

Continuities - Arvind Krishna Mehrotra
Living Space / One Breath - Imtiaz Dharker