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Sea Canes - Derek Walcott
The Mighty Dead


Read by Simon Russell Beale
Ulysses - Alfred Tennyson - Read by Simon Russell Beale

2 poems available

"One of our most promising young talents, Jay Bernard writes powerful and sensuous scenes from the metropolis: a teenager flies like a moth, a woman with scissors sings bees. Disturbing, joyous and always surprising.” – Pascale Petit.


Walter Scott

B. 1771 D. 1832

1 poem available

The owl from the steeple sing, 'Welcome, proud lady.' - Walter Scott 'Proud Maisie'


1 poem available

Anonymous is a well-known and prolific poet.


Emily Bronte

B. 1818 D. 1848

3 poems available

Vain are the thousand creeds / That move men's hearts... Emily Bronte


6 poems available

Shout Ha! to the Sky - Robert Sullivan


Austin Clarke

B. 1896 D. 1974

Burn Ovid with the rest. Lovers will find/ A hedge-school for themselves and learn by heart/ All that the clergy banish from the mind,/ When hands are joined and head bows in the dark. - 'Penal Law' by Austin Clarke


Hilaire Belloc

B. 1870 D. 1953

2 poems available

When I am dead, I hope it may be said, 'His sins were scarlet, but his books were read.' - Hilaire Belloc


Ted Hughes

B. 1930 D. 1998

4 poems available

Poetry is the voice of spirit and imagination and all that is potential, as well as of the healing benevolence that used to be the privilege of the gods. - Ted Hughes


George Mackay Brown

B. 1921 D. 1996

5 poems available

The essence of Orkney's magic is silence, loneliness and the deep marvellous rhythms of sea and land, darkness and light. - George Mackay Brown