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In these challenging times we’ve curated a collection of poems which reflect different aspects of war, conflict and loss. Whilst highlighting the human cost of war by representing individual and shared grief, these poems affirm our collective humanity and speak…

Blowing Smoke - Nii Ayikwei Parkes

Dick Davis

B. 1945

6 poems available

The balance of passion and poise is a constant tension in Davis's work - PN Review


9 poems available

All those / accumulated moments gathered as ancestors / intent on discarding time. Moving from sorrow / towards a preference for light - 'Day of Remembrance: The Ancestors', Riemke Ensing


3 poems available

We've all led raucous lives,/ some of them inside, some of them out./ But only the poem you leave behind is what's important. Charles Wright (from 'Littlefoot')


Jan Kemp

B. 1949

7 poems available

We lie on love's breath - Jan Kemp, 'Puriri'


19 poems available

...if poetry is a method of approaching truths, and each of us with a human soul and 'a tongue in oor heids' can make an approach toward a truth, poetry is inherently democratic. - Kathleen Jamie

Hawk and Shadow - Kathleen Jamie
Instruments - Malika Ndlovu
The Mighty Dead
Ode to the West Wind - Percy Bysshe Shelley - Read by Kit Wright
Identity - Dan Burt
In the theatre - Dannie Abse