We are light beings
Some slumbering
Some awakening
To the truth of who we are
Indestructible stars
Housed only for a while
In these temples of flesh
Once our memories are refreshed
We can see
That this life
This body
Is simply a veil
A vision
A temporary reality
That we are more
That we hold perfection within
Just beyond our imagining

We are light beings
Portals of love
Makers of peace
Creators of beauty
We are healers
We are believers inherently
Rediscovering our way
Out of Earth-time
Where free is our natural state
Where love is the only way
We are born to bring light
To honour the blessing of each moment
The gift of every life

first published in WEAVE’s Ink @ Boiling Point: A selection of 21st Century Black Women’s writing from the Southern Tip of Africa co-edited by Malika Ndlovu, Deela Khan and Shelley Barry (WEAVE, 2000), © Malika Ndlovu 2000, used by permission of the author.

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