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by Nairn Kennedy


Derek Walcott

B. 1930 D. 2017

2 poems available

“What's poetry, if it's worth its salt, / but a phrase men can pass from hand to mouth?”

Portrait - Ella Duffy
Aubade with Burning City - Ocean Vuong
Special Collection

The Poetry Archive’s World War Poetry Showcase is based on the collection put together for our national poetry recitation competition, Poetry by Heart, to mark the centenary of the outbreak of the First World War. Of course, there are plenty of anthologies…


Anna Crowe

B. 1945

5 poems available

There's something in me that insists it sings / Freely, for nothing, the lovely, lonely art / Called poetry, an art you understand. (from 'Venezuela' by Douglas Dunn)


4 poems available

A poet of rare lyric intensity - Oxford Companion to English Literature


Henry Vaughan

B. 1621 D. 1625

2 poems available

Dear beauteous Death! the jewel of the just...


6 poems available

pared-down precision and scorching intensity - Helen Dunmore


Charlotte Mew

B. 1869 D. 1928

1 poem available

A frail, dead, new-born lamb, ghostly and pitiful and white a blot upon the night, the moon's dropped child! - Charlotte Mew, 'Fame'


3 poems available

His poetry is what all poetry should be, the surprising and beautiful organisation of things that life has disorganised. John Fuller


Matthew Arnold

B. 1822 D. 1888

3 poems available

I might have known, / What far too soon, alas! I learn'd / The heart can bind itself alone, / And faith may oft be unreturn'd.' Matthew Arnold, 'Isolation: To Marguerite'