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Boy Grandad - Flora de Falbe
Poem for the Breasts - Sharon Olds
Special Collection

National Memory Day is an annual celebration of poetry and creative writing for people affected by memory loss. National Memory Day raises awareness of the challenges for families, carers and those living with memory loss face and raises funds to support…


8 poems available

I think of writing a poem as putting oneself in the moment, at the moment - an action more comprehensive, intuitive and mysterious than mere thinking ... - C. K. Stead


6 poems available

I would have words as tenacious as mules/ to bear us, sure-footed/ up the mountain of night... from 'Elemental' by Edward Baugh


Pam Ayres

B. 1947

4 poems available

Forget the corny comedian: Pam Ayres is a proper poet, whose wistful, funny, and perceptive verse captures both the joy and unfairness of life. - Sunday Times


Clive James

B. 1939 D. 2019

4 poems available

“The poet is a lifer. Anyone who gets into the game will soon start wishing that there was a version of it with lower stakes, but there isn't.”


John Montague

B. 1929 D. 2016

5 poems available

some pure thing, / Some living source, half-imagined and half-real, / Pulses in the fictive water that I feel. - John Montague, 'The Water Carrier'


T. S. Eliot

B. 1888 D. 1965

7 poems available

...the communication of the dead/is tongued with fire beyond the language of the living. - from Part 1 of 'Little Gidding', T. S. Eliot


13 poems available

A keeper of the artistic estate, a custodian of griefs and wonders - Seamus Heaney


Elizabeth Jennings

B. 1926 D. 2001

2 poems available

You cannot fake anything if you are trying to write serious poetry. - Elizabeth Jennings