Coronation Ode / A Prayer for the King’s Reign

O God, the Ruler over earth and sea,

Grant us Thy guidance in the reign to be:


Grant, that our King may make this ancient land

A realm of brothers, working, mind and hand


To make the life of man a fairer thing:

God, grant this living glory to the King.


Grant, to our Queen, the strength that lifts and shares

The Daily burden that a monarch bears:


Grant, to them both, Thy holy help to give

The hopeless, hope, the workless means to live:


The light to see, and skill to make us see,

Where ways are bad, what better ways may be:


And grace, to give to working minds the zest

To reach excellent things beyond their best:


Grant to them peace, and Thy diviner peace,

The joy of making human wars to cease:


Make wise the councils of the men who sway

The Britain here, the Britains far away:


And grant us all, that every rightness willed

In this beginning reign may be fulfilled.

Masefield, John. “A Prayer for the King’s Reign.2 The Listener, vol 17, no 435, 12 May 1937, p.938. The Listener Historical Archive, 1929-1991, Accessed 21 Sept. 2022. Recording used by permission of the BBC.

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