First Letter of the Hebrew Women to St Paul

Hebrew Women, apostles of Christ Jesus to Paul,
alleged saint, notorious scribbler: grace to you
and peace from God our Father. Now look here:
Adam could have ‘no thanks’ or ‘apples
disagree with me’. He didn’t. He had a bite
as well. So he was deceived. Just like Eve.
We’re equal and get used to it. we washed his feet,
made his tea, stood under the cross.
Where were you? On some road to Damascus.
Useless. Chapter 2: this new covenant is all very well
but we have a soft spot for the old one. That tabernacle
had our best candlesticks in it, a gold jar
with jam by Manna and a lot of tablet. We want
it back. You promise this and you promise that.
Let the hidden person of the heart speak out.
Chapter the last: every Tom, Dick and Harry’s
given hospitality at yours in case they might be
angels. Fine. But haven’t you noticed the spinning
saucers we’ve got above our heads?
Faith is a stubborn doubt before what you despair of
and the conviction of things you can see with your own two eyes.

first published in Some Women (Happenstance Press, 2014), © David Kinloch 2014, from In Search of Dustie-Fute (forthcoming Carcanet, 2017)

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