'Green Lane' was commissioned for National Poetry Day. The subject was 'identity' or the identity of the south east of England. I wrote the poem in the voice of a green lane, and the voice seemed to offer a sort of reconciliation between man and nature.

Green Lane

Green Lane

Though you’ve cut me with lay-bys and ring-roads,
where once droves of cattle pounded my back,
though you think I’m silenced, my voice still churrs
from sheltering hedges. I knot my roots into yours.
I’m your ditch of sandstone, your mess of goosegrass,
unreeling over downs, a gap in the may.
Come into me now when rain falls on a green morning.
I won’t trickle away, dead end to a building site.
No, I’ll hang a gate between the forest and mist.
You’ll lift the latch, walk me, through gorse, to the sea.

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