The name of this poem is 'The Pieces that Fall to Earth' and it has something to do with the sublime. The pieces, that are referred to in the poem I actually think, well maybe I should't give it away, but I think of them as pieces of the dome of heaven.

The Pieces that Fall to Earth


One could
almost wish
they wouldn’t;
they are so
far apart,
so random.
One cannot
wait, cannot
abandon waiting.
The three or
four occasions
of their landing
never fade.
Should there
be more, there
will never be
enough to make
a pattern
that can equal
the commanding
way they matter.

from Say Uncle: Poems (Grove Press, 2000), © Kay Ryan 2000, used by permission of the author and Grove/Atlantic, Inc. Poetry Foundation recording made on 11 Sept 2007, San Francisco, California.

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