He spools gravity like silk
through the loom he works
with his hands and feet.
Warehouses shudder and shrink
disappear in the sleight
of distance
so smoothly
this could be a balance beam
and someone at the other end
piling feathers.
We drill through nacre –
the bubble of the windscreen
projecting us beyond
crammed instruments.
The noise is like silence
and though he’s beside me
those fine adjustments
of hand and wrist
that somehow I admire
more than art
absorb him completely
so that I am surprised
to hear his voice
telling me the ship
is over there –
nine thousand tonnes
of bright orange steel
in a matchhead!
that expands
then dwindles as I realise
we have to fit on that pea!
that tiny green deck!
chopping through antennae and railings
??into open arms
I step into my own weight
but he remains
contoured in his craft
where he told me
he dreamed
even as a child that he was flying
outside his plane.

from The Tibetan Cabinet (River Road Press, 2010), Caroline Caddy 2010, used by permission of the author and River Road Press

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