Tragic Accident

rookie journalist on £8,000 p.a.

calls on bereaved parents

to ask how feel

about tragic scuba diving accident:

will ever be same again?

was lovely, bright boy?

had limitless prospects?

will have to take one day at time?

interviews coastguard

interviews diving instructor

interviews other diving instructor

interviews policeman

googles “scuba diving accidents”

fills car with super unleaded

eats microwavable rib sandwich

weather: sunny

with gathering storm clouds

concludes was tragic accident

interviews school friends

will be sorely missed?

will ever be same again?

are fish really worth it?

writes up copy, emails

drinks cup of instant coffee

receives editor email

where is insight?

where is new take?

sent back to parents

what really like losing child?


every day living nightmare?

decides the hell with this

decides kill editor

gets Samurai sword

sourced by weird old school friend

asks editor how feel

re. imminent death

scared out of wits?

shitting self?

but what really feel like?

kills editor, self

bodies discovered by cleaner, 30,

what was like finding bodies?


nothing could have prepared?

surprising amount of blood?

rookie hack’s family interviewed

their guess good as ours

polite, well-adjusted boy

death cult? drugs?

in any case

life without not worth living

campaign to ban samurai swords

smoke coloured cat

licks paws, genitals

new editor reverses out of car park

purchases bottle of wine,

stir-fry, lime cheesecake.

from A Lost Expression (Salt, 2012), © Luke Kennard 2012, used by permission of the author and the publisher.

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