Poetry Archive Now Wordview 2021: This Gay Club is my Church

he made me queer this gay club is my church

I come here religiously

I come for confession I come for confirmation

I come for love I come for communion

I come to praise him him her them me us

I come to worship our lady gaga

I come to sing hymns to the Madonna

I come to dance I come to bask in light

I come to cast away the devil shame

I come to kneel I come to kiss his ring

I come to take his flesh inside my mouth

I come to feel him enter me I come

to feel him inside me I come

to feel him move in mysterious ways

he made me queer this gay club is my church

Poem recorded as part of Poetry Archive Now: Wordview 2021. Used by permission of author.

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James McDermott

Hello! My name is James McDermott and I'm a 27 year old queer writer based in East Anglia. My poetry collection 'Manatomy' was longlisted for the Polari First Book Prize 2021 and my pamphlet 'Erased' is forthcoming with Polari Press. My poems have been published in The Gay and Lesbian Review, York Literary Review, The Cardiff Review, Popshot Quarterly, Ink Sweat & Tears and elsewhere.


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