Poetry Archive Now Wordview 2022: The Great British Insurrection

We regret to announce 

the revolution has been postponed 

because it’s a bit breezy. 


Due to the inclement weather, 

the popular uprising has been moved 

to the Sports Hall behind the bicycle shed. 

Anyone wishing to partake 

in this spontaneous gathering for Democracy, 

please follow the signs through the cafetiere, 

down the backstairs and out past the gym. 


Sadly, the organisers of the revolt 

are not insured for any harm brought to the multitudes 

through lack of adequate safety equipment. 

Therefore, those insurgents not appropriately attired 

are kindly asked to step to the side 

while the rebellion passes by. 


Branded balaclava, snoods, steel toe-caps, 

and Molotov cocktails can be found 

on the revolution’s website: 

stopatnothingfightthepower dot org. 

Allow 28 days for delivery. 

Should you believe you’ll be on the frontline 

during your appointed delivery window, 

please arrange for the courier to stash your parcel 

behind the nearest barricade. 


We have arranged a park and ride 

for pre-purchased tickets on the freedom train. 

Though we cannot offer refunds on revolutions 

That do not happen as advertised, 

Humanists can request the return of their deposit 

If the insurrection does not go as planned. 

Please mark as Force Majeur or Act of God, 

on the appropriate form. 

Poem recorded as part of Poetry Archive Now: Wordview 2022. Used by permission of author.

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Craig Smith

Craig Smith is a poet and novelist from Huddersfield in the UK. His writing has been published by Writers Rebel, Atrium, iambapoet, MIR Online, The North, The Blizzard, and The Interpreters’ House, among others. Craig has three books to his name: L.O.V.E. Love; A Quick Word With A Rock And Roll Late Starter; and Super-8. He is currently working toward an MA in Creative Writing at Birkbeck University. Twitter: @clattermonger

Photographer credit: Michael Mann

A special thank you to our WordView 2021 poets.

Chair of the Judging Panel, Joelle Taylor, says: "We were thrilled by the range and scope of the poetry and techniques explored throughout the wide submissions. I have said before that to write a poem is an act of resistance but to then perform it as well is a revolution. It takes a bravery to face the page, and a further one to stand by your words. While we’ve all become more used to filming ourselves over the pandemic, all of us were deeply aware of that courage.

Often when on a judging panel we find ourselves faced with impossible decisions. If you can imagine, after sifting, it’s as though a hundred people have crossed the finish line at precisely the same moment but there are only three medals. How do we come to these decisions? Through the objective unpicking of the poems, through our individual passions, through a consideration of narratives, especially those lesser heard. We come to it through uneasy negotiation and through heart, and above all through our shared love and understanding of the possibilities of poetry.

Our honest applause goes to all who submitted, and I hope you can hear it.

Congratulations to those we selected. We hope to see you all again soon."

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