The Poetry Archive Poetry Champions support us to make makes new recordings of poetry so that we can care for it and preserve it for the future.

Poetry Archive Poetry Champions are very special people. They have a love of poetry and they are keen to ensure the Archive can share that love with everyone who needs it. They help us to continue to make new recordings, to create educational resources for schools and teachers, and to continue our preservation of the archive of recordings in our care.

They have helped our Archive welcome over 5 million visits each year. 2 million of these visits are from children, teachers and families able to enjoy free poetry from our Children’s Poetry Archive.

Poetry Champion’s are incredible supporters who have donated £2000 per year to add new poets to our collection and keep our Archives free-of-charge to visitors.

Please contact our Director, Dr Tracey Guiry, at if you would like to join them.

Each poet we include in the Archive costs us £2000.

This cost includes:

  • A professional studio recording of a dedicated poetry recording to the highest digital standards.
  • A reading fee to The Poetry Archive
  • Permissions fees to the copyright holder to ensure we can share the recordings free-of-charge to our audiences.
  • Entry of a poets work into our Download Store to encourage public sales and promote a poet’s career, with royalty fees back to the poet from each sale.
  • A biography of the poet created by an experienced writer.
  • Contextual information to surround the poet’s entry.
  • Links to the poet’s books and publishers to encourage sales