Feel the chill in the air with these other-worldly poems

With the nights lengthening, the veils between worlds thinning and Halloween on the horizon, delve deep into the Archive and explore all things strange, slant, odd and unexpected. Perhaps listen alone, with headphones on, in the dark, and feel these voices in your bones…

The Witch

Read by Jo Shapcott
The Witch - Mary Elizabeth Coleridge - Read by Jo Shapcott
The hare as witch animal - David Harsent
Bottom’s Dream - Clive Wilmer
My beast - Lorraine Mariner
Introducing that Most Marvellous Human Freak, the Bearded Lady Miss Lupin - Clare Pollard
Teen Wolf - Patrick Brandon

The Raven

Read by David Yezzi
The Raven - Edgar Allan Poe - Read by David Yezzi

The Lady of Shalott

Read by Andrew Motion
The Lady of Shalott - Alfred Tennyson - Read by Andrew Motion

Goblin Market

Read by Helen Dunmore
Goblin Market - Christina Rossetti - Read by Helen Dunmore
Bone China - Esther Morgan
Gone - Nii Ayikwei Parkes
Nine Nights - Malika Booker