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Love, A Fear - Celia A Sorhaindo
What Do I Know - Celia A Sorhaindo
In The Air - Celia A Sorhaindo
Creation - Celia A Sorhaindo
A Chinese Restaurant Called Happiness  - Will Burns
Cycnus in Soho  - Will Burns

Will Burns

B. 1980

10 poems available

"Think small. If you have a big mind, it will show itself." Richard Hugo


In these challenging times we’ve curated a collection of poems which reflect different aspects of war, conflict and loss. Whilst highlighting the human cost of war by representing individual and shared grief, these poems affirm our collective humanity and speak…

Sea Canes - Derek Walcott
The Mighty Dead

God’s Grandeur

Read by Simon Russell Beale
God’s Grandeur - Gerard Manley Hopkins - Read by Simon Russell Beale
The Mighty Dead
Is it thy will thy image should keep open (Sonnet 61) - William Shakespeare - Read by Simon Callow
The Mighty Dead
Oh Mistress Mine - William Shakespeare - Read by Jude Law