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When They Speak of Muslims - Muneera Pilgrim
Fluke by Any Other Name Is a Flight Number - Momtaza Mehri
Terminal Index - Victoria Adukwei Bulley
Special Collection

Celebrate common humanity, diverse cultures and the importance of poetry in the arts. We’ve put together a collection of recordings which travel widely across continents, histories, and languages. Together they demonstrate the amazing poetic talent drawn from international backgrounds which the Poetry Archive is proud to have in our keeping.


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Not poems of investigation, but poems of indignation ... Marsh finds self-fulfillment in the act of speaking for the Pacific culture and its inhabitants - Poetry Salzburg Review


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'here I am, on the edge of animation, / a dream, a dance, a fantastic construction'. Moniza Alvi


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His poems are made from his life with his life; his poems are earned. He dares to be simple. And he is surely among the finest young poets alive. - The American Poetry Review


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I want that next poem. To get it I'll shed my skin, I'll lose my name, pretend I have no history, be history's fool, become elemental, all of these, none of these. - Fred D'Aguiar


James Berry

B. 1924 D. 2017

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Poems come from your more secret mind. A poem will want to ask deeper questions, higher questions, more puzzling questions, and often too, more satisfying questions than the everyday obvious questions... - James Berry

Loop of Jade - Sarah Howe