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Special Collection

This Special Collection brings together some of the recordings we’ve made over the years with poets from Scotland. Edwin Morgan recorded his reading for the Archive in his flat in Glasgow back in 2000, Douglas Dunn made his Archive recording…


4 poems available

Poetry is our human love of metaphor. We see one thing and think something else - 'Travels in Peru', Geoffrey Lehmann


John Clare

B. 1793 D. 1864

3 poems available

If life had a second edition, how I would correct the proofs?. John Clare


5 poems available

The kind of poetry that imbues the everyday, the tarnished and burnished, with the possibilities of the transcendent - The Times


Form is a straitjacket in the way that a straitjacket was a straitjacket for Houdini. Paul Muldoon.


Julia Bird

B. 1971

6 poems available

Bird's is a poetry of ideas, but unexpected, often extraordinary ones - Times Literary Supplement


Ted Kooser

B. 1939

11 poems available

I try to honor my reader's patience and generosity by presenting what I have to say as clearly and succinctly as possible. - Ted Kooser


Brendan Kennelly

B. 1936 D. 2021

5 poems available

A writer is not interested in explaining reality; he's interested in capturing it. - Brendan Kennelly


Les Murray

B. 1938 D. 2019

A true poem is dreamed and danced as well as thought. - Les Murray

The Cave of the Fish - Kathleen Jamie
Report from Nowhere - Clive Wilmer
The Barn - Peter Didsbury