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The death of children - Richard Berengarten
Survival Tips - Celia A Sorhaindo
Fluke by Any Other Name Is a Flight Number - Momtaza Mehri
Hostile Environment - Keith Jarrett
The Mighty Dead
Is it thy will thy image should keep open (Sonnet 61) - William Shakespeare - Read by Simon Callow

2 poems available

"One of our most promising young talents, Jay Bernard writes powerful and sensuous scenes from the metropolis: a teenager flies like a moth, a woman with scissors sings bees. Disturbing, joyous and always surprising.” – Pascale Petit.


6 poems available

These hands have Moulded monuments, created crafts, healed hearts. Khosi Xaba, from 'These Hands'


Hannah More

B. 1745 D. 1833

1 poem available

That self-same stuff which erst proud empires swayed, of which the conquerers of the world were made. - Hannah More 'Slavery: A Poem'


Wilfred Owen

B. 1893 D. 1918

4 poems available

My subject is War and the pity of War. The Poetry is in the pity. Wilfred Owen


12 poems available

An engraver in short, sharp slashes that go deep. Andrew Salkey


Louise Bogan

B. 1897 D. 1970

3 poems available

Louise Bogan's art is compactness compacted. Emotion with her, as she has said of certain fiction, is 'itself form, the kernel which builds outward form from inward intensity.' Marianne Moore