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A Pang - Lachlan Mackinnon
The Mighty Dead

The First Day

Read by Judi Dench
The First Day - Christina Rossetti - Read by Judi Dench

3 poems available

"Tempest has forged their own voice, unlike anything else in the mainstream poetry world." - The Independent


Robert Frost

B. 1874 D. 1963

1 poem available

In three words I can sum up everything I've learned about life: it goes on. Robert Frost


4 poems available

If there is a unifying principle in his later work, it is expressed in a combination of plainness of utterance with a strong sense of poetry as a public and political art. - Sean O'Brien

The Point - Kae Tempest
The Mighty Dead

The Way Through The Woods

Read by Simon Armitage
The Way Through The Woods - Rudyard Kipling - Read by Simon Armitage
Time out - Hone Tuwhare
The Mighty Dead


Read by Adam Foulds
Nutting - William Wordsworth - Read by Adam Foulds
Kept - Dan Burt
Walk Good - Mervyn Morris
The Weasel - Jacob Polley