The Weasel

Up and down the London Road
Blinder by the hour
I spent as much again as we owed
White winter flowers

Crowds and crowds like fallen leaves
Blown between the towers
You came in with the cold up your sleeves
White winter flowers

Screams and shouts and broken things
Now you’re fired and cower
Under the sheets when the postman brings
White winter flowers

Who’d have dreamt a little twist
Could turn your sweet breath sour
I tasted this when we first kissed
White winter flowers

For your whole heart is half my heart
My heart is half of yours
So we’re neither complete and lie drunk in the street
White winter flowers

uncollected poem, © Jacob Polley 2009, used by permission of the author, c/o Rogers Coleridge & White Ltd, 20 Powis Mews, London W11 1JN.

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