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Mama Amazonica - Pascale Petit
Special Collection

Celebrate common humanity, diverse cultures and the importance of poetry in the arts. We’ve put together a collection of recordings which travel widely across continents, histories, and languages. Together they demonstrate the amazing poetic talent drawn from international backgrounds which the Poetry Archive is proud to have in our keeping.

The Mighty Dead

On First Looking Into Chapman’s Homer

Read by Simon Russell Beale

On First Looking Into Chapman’s Homer - John Keats - Read by Simon Russell Beale
The Mighty Dead


Read by Simon Russell Beale

Ulysses - Alfred Tennyson - Read by Simon Russell Beale

Sujata Bhatt is a poet of many different cultures: in this interview, she talks about her travels and how they've influenced her writing and lets us into the "private and inner world" of making poems.

Special Collection

This Special Collection brings together some of the recordings we’ve made over the years with poets from Scotland. Edwin Morgan recorded his reading for the Archive in his flat in Glasgow back in 2000, Douglas Dunn made his Archive recording…


8 poems available

Valerie Gillies writes like the wind and jinks like a hare in the fields of language - The Scotsman


Ron Butlin

B. 1949

9 poems available

Ron Butlin is that rare breed - a poet who takes the novel form and shows it is ripe for reinvention. Playful, haunting and moving, this is writing of the highest quality. - Ian Rankin


Tom Pow

B. 1950

5 poems available

Once this poem is finished, you may find me/both taking and giving breath, wherever I can.' Tom Pow,' 'The Bar at the Well of Love'


3 poems available

Peacocke's language is shriven, precise and terribly open to the dead, to absence. -- David Morley


Dick Davis

B. 1945

6 poems available

The balance of passion and poise is a constant tension in Davis's work - PN Review


4 poems available

Wheatley's is a poetry of displacement, uncertainty and sheer possibility ... Stimulating, resourceful and often very funny - The Guardian