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These fine poems, written at different times and from a variety of perspectives, all look hard at the landscapes they enshrine. In doing so, they achieve (at least) two things at the same time. They honour the facts they preserve;…


Edward Thomas

B. 1878 D. 1917

7 poems available

The simple lack / Of her is more to me / Than others' presence. Edward Thomas, 'The Unknown'


2 poems available

Alice Oswald throws the windows of the imagination open; she places a fingertip on the pulse of tradition, and proves it is still very much alive - The Times

The Mighty Dead
When Lilacs Last in the Dooryard Bloom’d - Walt Whitman - Read by David Yezzi
Weed - Justin Quinn
The burning - Kelwyn Sole
Cherry Tree, at Dusk - Stewart Conn
The Mighty Dead
A Shropshire Lad II: Loveliest of trees, the cherry now - A E Housman - Read by Alan Brownjohn
The Mighty Dead
A Shropshire Lad XXXI: On Wenlock Edge - A E Housman - Read by Alan Brownjohn
Old flames - Sam Hunt
The Mighty Dead

Binsey Poplars

Read by Mimi Khalvati

Binsey Poplars - Gerard Manley Hopkins - Read by Mimi Khalvati
In the White - Ruth Gilbert