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The Mighty Dead
In summer’s heat and midtime of the day - Christopher Marlowe - Read by Simon Armitage
The Mighty Dead
They flee from me that sometime did me seek - Thomas Wyatt - Read by Helen Dunmore
The Mighty Dead

Leda and the Swan

Read by Maurice Riordan

Leda and the Swan - William Butler Yeats - Read by Maurice Riordan
The Mighty Dead

My Last Duchess

Read by Anthony Thwaite

My Last Duchess - Robert Browning - Read by Anthony Thwaite
The Mighty Dead

To His Coy Mistress

Read by Mervyn Morris

To His Coy Mistress - Andrew Marvell - Read by Mervyn Morris
The Ain Sakhri Lovers - Katrina Porteous
Sara - Sam Hunt
Office Friendships - Gavin Ewart
Montego Bay - Tanya Shirley
Matie Shall Not Conquer - Tanya Shirley
Please Can I Have a Man - Selima Hill
The Mighty Dead

The Sun Rising

Read by Adam Foulds

The Sun Rising - John Donne - Read by Adam Foulds