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Jail Letter - Rachel Long
By Yourself Boy… (1988 – 2007) - Nii Ayikwei Parkes

4 poems available

Keith Jarret is a former UK Poetry Slam Champion and FLUPP International Poetry Slam Winner from London. He rose to prominence on the city’s performance poetry scene and was one of the first writers to study on the groundbreaking Spoken Word Educators programme at Goldsmiths University.


6 poems available

Rachel Long is the founder of Octavia Poetry Collective for Womxn of Colour, a ‘fiercely community-minded’ collective formed in direct response to the lack of inclusivity and representation in literature and the academy.


Yomi Sode

B. 1984

1 poem available

Yomi Sode is a greatly celebrated and vitally needed voice in the UK’s poetry scene. Born in Oyo State Nigeria, his entry into the world of storytelling came in the form of musicality, a quality easily witnessed in his approach to brilliantly paced and finely woven stories.

Special Collection

Celebrate common humanity, diverse cultures and the importance of poetry in the arts. We’ve put together a collection of recordings which travel widely across continents, histories, and languages. Together they demonstrate the amazing poetic talent drawn from international backgrounds which the Poetry Archive is proud to have in our keeping.


7 poems available

Roger Robinson is a fervent, generous poet. His most recent collection, A Portable Paradise, won both the 2019 T. S. Eliot Prize and the Royal Society of Literature’s Ondaatje Prize 2020 for a distinguished work evoking the spirit of a place – in this instance, post-Windrush Britain.

Love Song, 31st July - Richard Osmond

2 poems available

Jay Bernard is a writer, film programmer and archivist from London. As well as working on BFI Flare, London’s LGBTQ film festival, they work at Statewatch, a state research library, archive and collection based at Mayday Rooms. Jay’s first collection…

Grey Girl - Sharon Olds

Alasdair Gray

B. 1934 D. 2019

9 poems available

Writing in his 1990s study of Alasdair Gray’s novels, Stephen Bernstein identifies Gray as “one of the most important living writers in English. His satirical blend of realism and fantasy and his compassionate use of humor and sorrow distinguish his…