Bloomsbury Snapshot

Virginia’s writing her diary,
Vanessa is shelling the peas,
And Carrington’s there, hiding under her hair,
And squinting, and painting the trees.
Well Maynard is smiling at Duncan,
A little to Lytton’s distress,
But Ralph’s lying down with a terrible frown
For he’d rather be back in the mess.
There’s Ottoline, planning a party –
But Leonard’s impassive as stone:
He know that they’ll all sit around in deck chairs,
Discussing their own and each others’ affaires,
And forming, perhaps, into new sets of pairs:
And oh, how the bookshelves will groan.

first published in Moving In (Peterloo, 1984), © Connie Bensley 1984, from Finding a Leg to Stand On (Bloodaxe, 2012), used by permission of the author and the publisher.

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