Then I also, after 'Self Employed', sometime later wrote 'Curriculum Vitae' and at the end of it I allude to something that Yeats said (close paraphrase if not the exact words): he said "rhetoric comes from the quarrel one has with the world, and poetry comes from the quarrel one has with oneself."

Curriculum Vitae



Scribe out of work
At a loss for words
Not his to begin with,
The man life passed by
Stands at the window
Biding his time


Time and again
And now once more
I climb these stairs
Unlock this door –
No name where I live
Alone in my lair
With one bone to pick
And no time to spare

From The Niche Narrows: New and Selected Poems (Talisman House Publishers, 2000), copyright © Samuel Menashe 2000, used by permission of The Library of America for the Estate of the author.

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