Explanation For Those Who Don’t Know Love

I have a child and am more important

than childless people.


I am two people and have an extra vote.

You cannot comprehend our bond,


it is mysterious and I am greater because of it,

so in a tie-break situation I am three people.


My daughter is five and very bright for her age,

this requires special consideration.


She is a delight and centres every conversation

like a fantastic table decoration.


If she breaks your possessions

it’s an interrogation of their meaning,


a state of blissful questioning you have lost.

If she cries it’s only because she wants something.


She can’t yet comprehend the magnitude of grief

so it is not selfish like when you cry.

from Soon Every House Will Have One (Smith|Doorstop 2014), © Holly Hopkins 2014, used by permission of the author.

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