Gorgeous – yet another Brighton poem

The summer’s here.

Down to the beach

to swim and lounge and swim again.

Gorgeous bodies young and old.

Me too. Just gorgeous. Just feeling good

and happy and so at ease in the world.


And come evening a red sun setting,

the sea all silky,

small gentle surges along its near still surface.


And later

the new moon hung over the sea,

a stippled band of gold across the black water

tiger’s eye.


I walk home.

The air so soft and warm,

like fur brushing my body.


The dictionary says

gorgeous – adorned with rich and brilliant colours,

sumptuously splendid, showy, magnificent, dazzling.”


That’s right.

from Collected Poems 1964-2004 (Shearsman Books, 2004, © Lee Harwood 2004, used by permission of the author

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