Shoe Gazing

McStein has a facial scar and mannerly sense,
Sol, so loud, in a perpetual lather;
Hodgkinss sly, intelligent, furtive way
the counterpoint to Bradley
s manic brain;
Aziz, his inoffensive glissando of laugh;
Randals, infallibly drawn to the weak
One by one, I dream them, whose crimes
rattle and bump behind them like a cortége of tin cans.
Their facesI dont know how to say this
are turning into mine. That smile.
It started and now it cannot stop.
A potential is mirrored like a shadow. It falls, like rain,
in the spaces between assumptions
and threads the body
s interstices, goes into your bones. Look.
They have found my new shoes
and squabble, trying to read the label.
Into their white-as-sea-foam trainers,
earned for good behaviour, I slip an overcautious foot.

from The Blood Choir (Seren, 2006), © Tim Liardet 2006, used by permission of the author

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