Some Definitions for Song


– the speech of birds, as in birdsong – but with exceptions. Pigeons do not sing.
Vultures do not sing. A bargain, or a very small sum, as in “he bought it
for a song.” Think what we could purchase with songs, thrown across the
counter and landing softer than coins. Perhaps then, the origin of the
expression, to sing for your supper. The troubled sound that escapes from a
woman’s mouth while she dreams of fire, also any sound that escapes, also
anything that escapes; a passage out, the fling up of hands. A prison break is a
song. The parting of the red sea was a song. In Israel there are many songs,
but there should have been six million more. Across the Atlantic, there are
many songs, but we needed 10 million more. S?ng (宋國) was a state
during the Eastern Zhou Spring and Autumn Period (770-476 BC). Its capital
was Shangqiu. Anything that climbs is a song; vines are a song; my father,
70 years old, at the top of the ackee tree is a song; all planes are songs. Song
was a low-cost airline operated by Delta. Tourists were flown by Song to
Florida. Song’s last flight was on April 30, 2006. All that pleases the
heart. All that pleases the ear. The final measure of joy. When we have lost
song, we have lost everything. A common surname in Korea, often
transliterated as Soong. What would it mean if your name was Song? Song
is the third and final album of Lullaby for the Working Class. It was released
October 19, 1999. Songs often refer to songs, as in he shall encompass me
with a song; sing unto the Lord a new song; Sing a song of sixpence. Sing a
song. Sing a song.

'Some definitions for Song', unpublished, Kei Miller 2009, used by permission of the author.

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