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On Nurses - Roger Robinson

6 poems available

“I want these poems to help people to practise empathy”


3 poems available

“Distracting rays were shining round my door / And so I stood”


2 poems available

"One of our most promising young talents, Jay Bernard writes powerful and sensuous scenes from the metropolis: a teenager flies like a moth, a woman with scissors sings bees. Disturbing, joyous and always surprising.” – Pascale Petit.

Ode to the Hymen - Sharon Olds

8 poems available

A poem is not its words, but the ringing it leaves behind.

Special Collection

Sykes Cottages offer the finest handpicked cottage holidays across the UK and Ireland. They have teamed up with us to create this collection of some of the finest classic poets from across UK and Ireland. The poets in this collection…


Did you know there is more than one Simon Armitage? In this interview, the best-selling poet and novelist introduces you to them and talks about the importance of voice in his work.


Join acclaimed poet Jo Shapcott in her Welsh retreat as she talks about the pleasures of science and music that inform her work - and the importance of getting up early to write!


Jean Sprackland talks about her inspiration and process for writing poetry.


Choman Hardi answers questions on her Kurdish background and the influence this has on her poetry and painting.