Trump As Mouse

Donald Trump ruined Christmas

by gnawing through one wire too many

in the dark we phoned out the power guy

who didn’t celebrate Christmas

Donald Trump ruined Christmas

this year and future years

with rank fur and tiny paws

and Islamophobia


we sprang traps in every corner

for Trump and his Mouse Club

I can’t tell you how good it felt

folding them at the snap in the spine

we flushed out their nest

behind the cooker we drained the swamp

one and all we wanted the innards

out of Donald Trump


Donald Trump ruined Christmas

and all through the house

wire on bone and parables of greed

we visited plague on plague

we poured pesticides

on Trump and the rest of the vermin

we knew we had to get them

before they gnawed us out of a house


blessed are the demented

for they can no longer read newspapers

blessed is my grandad

who doesn’t know about the mouse

blessed is my grandad

who watches Tom and Jerry all day

and doesn’t know he is selling his home

and doesn’t know we are losing our homes

unpublished poem, © Flora de Falbe 2019, used by permission of the author.

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