Adham Smart was born in 1992 and grew up in Cairo and London. He was three times a winner of the Foyle Young Poets of the Year Award and has had writing in The Salt Book of Younger Poets, The Cadaverine Anthology and Korsakoff’s Paper Chain, as well as a number of magazines. He has contributed as a translator to the anthology Six Georgian Poets and has translated All the World’s Mysteries, a novel by the Georgian writer David Dephy, into English. In 2019 he published his debut collection, yes yes mouth, with Valley Press.

The Foyle Young Poets’ Recording took place on 23rd October 2018 at the Soundhouse Studio, Acton, West London.

Poems by Adham Smart

The mock turtle is all things to all men’ - Adham Smart
Why I Google myself’ - Adham Smart
And all I do is eat’ - Adham Smart

Books by Adham Smart



Foyle Young Poet of the Year Award - Banged Up


Foyle Young Poet of the Year Award - St. Chagin


Foyle Young Poet of the Year Award - good morning Palestine

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