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Since its launch in 2001, the Archive has grown into a much loved and highly valued resource. Over 500 poets’ work is now available for our visitors to listen to, free of charge, on the Archive’s website.

Our Epic Patron Scheme enables our friends to make a greatly valued difference to the future success and direction of this unique project by directly supporting our recording programme. We offer exclusive benefits as a thank you for your support and for the vital part you are playing in the future of the Poetry Archive.

By becoming an Epic Patron of the Archive you can make a genuine difference to the Archive's future.

Each Epic Patron enables us to record another poet reading their work out loud and to share this poetry with visitors to our website.   We make the highest quality recording of each poet that we can because each recording is a cultural artefact in its own right. We use excellent studios and producers, we always pay the poets fees for copyright permissions and we bring in  biographical research, copy-writing expertise and our own website development team to make these wonderful poems available to listen to. Each poet will cost in the region of £2500 to publish to the Poetry Archive collections.

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  • Help us to record and preserve more poets for future generations to enjoy.
  • Receive a unique and exclusive Gift from the Archive.
  • Curate your own Guided Tour of the Archive to share on the website
  • Support us to change the lives of students of all ages and enhance the teaching of poetry across the UK and beyond.
  • Share your love of poetry and hearing poetry read out loud whilst supporting poets' careers.

* All levels of the Patrons’ and Membership Schemes support comprise a benefits value detailing the actual cost of membership to The Poetry Archive. For information on purchasing benefits please contact us. Any amounts given over and above the benefits value are given freely as a donation which contributes towards our core charitable purposes and are therefore eligible for Gift Aid.  Epic Patrons'  membership comprises £2117 donation/£383 benefits.

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