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Hayden Carruth

B. 1921 D. 2008

3 poems available

My poems, I think, exist in a state of tension between the love of natural beauty and the fear of natural meaninglessness or absurdity. Hayden Carruth

The Mighty Dead


Read by John Fuller
Man - Henry Vaughan - Read by John Fuller
The Mighty Dead

Whoso list to hunt

Read by Alice Oswald
Whoso list to hunt - Thomas Wyatt - Read by Alice Oswald
The Mighty Dead

Sailing to Byzantium

Read by Maurice Riordan
Sailing to Byzantium - William Butler Yeats - Read by Maurice Riordan
The Mighty Dead

Leda and the Swan

Read by Maurice Riordan
Leda and the Swan - William Butler Yeats - Read by Maurice Riordan
The Mighty Dead


Read by Andrew Motion
Ulysses - Alfred Tennyson - Read by Andrew Motion
The Mighty Dead

As the Team’s Head-brass

Read by James Fenton
As the Team’s Head-brass - Edward Thomas - Read by James Fenton
The Mighty Dead

My Last Duchess

Read by Anthony Thwaite
My Last Duchess - Robert Browning - Read by Anthony Thwaite
The Mighty Dead
Sohrab and Rustum, ll. 857–end - Matthew Arnold - Read by Alan Brownjohn
The Mighty Dead


Read by Kit Wright
Ozymandias - Percy Bysshe Shelley - Read by Kit Wright
The Mighty Dead
Fears in Solitude - Samuel Taylor Coleridge - Read by Kit Wright
The Mighty Dead

To Autumn

Read by Andrew Motion
To Autumn - John Keats - Read by Andrew Motion